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Translating Medical Images can help you translate your:

• Health Records

• Imaging Reports

• Laboratory Tests

Run by Antoni C. Maroto, Translating Medical Images serves Spanish-speaking patients and their healthcare providers in the United States of America.


Hi! My name is Antoni, and I'm in charge of Translating Medical Images.

As a professional translator, I've been helping companies and individuals bridge language barriers for 15+ years.

I hold a master's degree in Translation and Interpretation and the ATA Certification (EN-ES)—two of the industry's most respected and recognized credentials.

At present, I'm studying for a Medical Translation certificate program.




Since 2004

Antoni's career began at the customer care sector. He worked on financial and marketing projects for banks and IT companies, and later transitioned into the healthcare industry. Besides medical translation projects, Antoni also translates educational materials and legal agreements for hospitals and clinics.


Master in Translation

In 2010, Antoni graduated from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with a major in Translation (English into Spanish and Catalan). He has continued attending events and taking courses related to his profession. At present, Antoni is a student of a Biomedical Translation certificate program at AulaSIC.


High Quality Standards

"I am more than pleased to have the opportunity to recommend the translation services of Antoni. He was always an outstanding vendor to work with, and I have always been impressed by his professionalism and admirable personal qualities. I am confident that Antoni will become an invaluable asset for any team."


ATA-Certified (EN-ES)

After moving from Barcelona to the US in 2016, Antoni took and passed the American Translators Association certification exam (English into Spanish). The ATA certification is a mid-career credential for experienced, professional translators. The exam is known to be challenging and has an overall pass rate below 20%.



Woman & Doctor
Pelvic X-Ray
Lab Experiment


Such as:

• Medical histories

• Progress notes

• Surgical reports

• Discharge instructions


Such as:

• Radiographs

• MRIs

• Ultrasounds

• Computed tomographies


Such as:

• Complete blood counts

• Lipoprotein panels

• Basic metabolic panels

• Urinalyses



The goal of Translating Medical Images is to ensure that:

• LEP Hispanic patients access healthcare information and services; and

• Healthcare professionals provide the right care to those patients.

Why choose Translating Medical Images?

Antoni is a certified English-Spanish translator who is well versed in the cultures, languages, and healthcare industries of Spain and the US.

Besides editable text files, Antoni translates scanned PDF documents. He also transcribes audio and video files accurately and quickly thanks to a transcription foot pedal and fast typing speed (90 WPM).

Continuing education helps Antoni meet his clients' needs by attending courses, events, and seminars related to the medical and translation fields.

Additionally, Antoni takes pride in his customer service background, which taught him to provide his clients with prompt and clear communication. He advocates for the use of plain language.




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